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Israel prepares for the opening of the tourist season

16.04.2021 41 просмотров

Mass vaccination allowed the world to open up.

Israel is going to start issuing visas to foreign tourists in the near future, due to the favorable epidemiological situation that has developed in the country after the mass vaccination of the population against the coronavirus.

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Yoram Keness, microbiologist and founder of Omega Israel:

"To call a spade a spade, our innovations will allow real-time coronavirus testing right at the airport. What , in turn, will open the way to the country for foreign tourists and allow our citizens to travel abroad."

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The Ministry of Tourism has developed a scenario where the first - relatively small - batch of foreign travelers will arrive in the Promised Land on May 23rd. The number of tourists is not reported. 

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There are currently 9,300,000 people living in Israel. About 5 million have already received 2 vaccinations against COVID-19.

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