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Israel lifts mask requirement

15.06.2021 108 просмотров

Since June 15, 2021, the wearing of protective masks in public places has been canceled in Israel, which marked the end of one of the last significant restrictions to combat the pandemic. 

From today, masks have become optional in shops, malls, educational institutions and other indoor areas, and all tourist attractions, restaurants, cafes, cultural and sports events are open without any capacity restrictions, both indoors and outdoors.

Masks are still required in age-related facilities, nursing homes and certain hospital departments. 

The requirement to wear a mask on board aircraft remains in place.

The mask must also be worn by those who are heading to the place of self-isolation.

“To date, about 76% of the adult population (over 16 years old) have been vaccinated in Israel, which has led to a favorable epidemiological situation. Israel can safely be called a safe tourist destination that is ready to meet travelers,” commented Vladimir Shklyar, Director of the Department of the Ministry of Tourism of Israel in the Russian Federation and the CIS, Advisor to the Embassy of the State of Israel in the Russian Federation.

From July 1, Israel will open for individual tourism as part of a pilot project. New entry rules will be announced later.

The list of countries whose citizens are allowed to enter Israel will be updated every week. Russia, due to the worsening epidemiological situation, remains temporarily on the "red" list.

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