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Israel is slowly coming back to life

19.10.2020 114 просмотров

The Israeli authorities have eased the second lockdown this year.

In Israel, due to the fall in the total number of people infected with coronavirus per day, the authorities eased the quarantine and allowed residents to leave their homes.


Yigal Hbsutss, Jerusalem resident:

"As soon as they opened the doors, thousands of believers rushed to the Wall. They have been waiting for this opportunity for weeks on end! Despite the corona, people want to pray! Before we had no choice because of the quarantine, but now we can pray…"


Talin Irge, Tel Aviv resident:

"I'm so happy I brought my daughters here , to kindergarten! And I really hope that everything will be fine, there will be no new quarantine and that we will return to our daily activities very quickly."


Julia Sherman, Tel Aviv resident:

"We are just happy! Imagine being locked up for weeks - it was really hard! That's why the children are so happy, just look at them !"

On October 18, parks, beaches, nurseries, kindergartens and the customs service reopened. The corresponding decision was announced by the representative of the Prime Minister of the country. At the same time, most of the offices are still closed.


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