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Israel has created a unique system for rapid vaccination

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Israel took the lead in the number of vaccinations made.

In Israel, within two weeks after the start of the campaign to vaccinate the population against COVID-19, about 15% of citizens were vaccinated. In total, 9 million 300 thousand people live in this Middle Eastern country.

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Hagay Levin, Public Health Expert, Hebrew University, Jerusalem:

"Israel well prepared for mass vaccination in terms of logistics: we created cold stores in all strongholds, managed to quickly deliver small batches of vaccine even to the most remote corners, that is, we did what any other state should do: prepare quickly and be flexible.”

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Lydia Karmi, 77, retired, former rector:

"I want to regain my freedom of movement. I am no longer young and every year of my life is important to me. I miss traveling so much! And I am inspired by the thought that in 2 and a half months I will again be able to travel wherever I want, visit my relatives and friends, return to a normal existence. I'm really, really looking forward to this!"

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Israel has become the world leader in the number of vaccinations given, which is also facilitated by the organization of local logistics: large containers that contain the vaccine entering the country is poured into individual packaging and delivered to all medical centers where you can get an injection. Israel uses 2 types of vaccine - Pfizer/BioNTech made in Germany and the USA, as well as AstraZeneca from the UK. The first shipment of the US-German vaccine was made on 9 December.

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