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Israel develops new border security system

21.01.2020 151 просмотров

Israeli engineers, acting on behalf of the security forces of their country, have developed an innovative system of control abroad.

We are talking about a set of seismic and acoustic sensors that are buried in the ground at different depths. Sensors allow authorized services to monitor the inviolability of the border.

Israel Border 1.jpg

The device came in handy on the border strip between Lebanon and Israel, under which extremists and smugglers many times tried to lay underground tunnels for the illegal transfer of goods. According to the message of the lieutenant colonel of the Israeli armed forces, the representative of the information service, Jonathan Konrikus, all work on the installation of technical devices was carried out in strict accordance with international law and exclusively on the territory of Israel itself. 

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In Tel Aviv, they believe that such a measure is much more economical and in all respects preferable to erecting a wall between states. The representative of the Israeli army also said that the deployment of the new system began in the village of Misgav-Am. The drilling itself and related work will last at least two months.

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