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Israel allows tourists vaccinated with Sputnik V to enter the country

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At the same time, foreigners "must receive two doses of the vaccine, and by the day of their entry into Israel, at least 14 days must have passed from the date of receipt of the second dose, but not more than 180 days on the day of their departure from Israel."

Foreign tourists vaccinated with drugs approved by the World Health Organization (WHO), or vaccinated with Sputnik V, subject to a positive serological test after arrival, as well as those who have been ill with covid and have a certificate, will be able to enter Israel from January 9. This is stated in the rules for the entry of foreigners into the country, published on Saturday on the website of the Israeli Ministry of Health.

In Israel, “those who have been vaccinated with a vaccine recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) are recognized as vaccinated. Israel also recognizes the Sputnik vaccine, subject to a positive result of a serological test performed in Israel,” the rules state. “The essence of Israel’s recognition of a recovery abroad or a vaccination carried out abroad is to provide the opportunity to stay in a reduced quarantine after entering Israel and receive a green pass [after quarantine],” the Ministry of Health added.

The Russian Embassy in Israel on Saturday reported that "it is grateful to the Israeli side for its efforts to ensure conditions for the resumption of travel of citizens vaccinated with the Russian Sputnik V vaccine to Israel for tourism and pilgrimage purposes, subject to the requirements established by the Israeli Ministry of Health." “At the same time, we would like to draw attention to the remaining technical nuances that could potentially complicate the entry and stay of Russian citizens in Israel,” the Russian diplomatic mission continued, noting that “these issues require additional consultations through the relevant departments” of the two countries . We are talking, in particular, about “verifying the authenticity of vaccination certificates issued in Russia; procedures for passing serological tests; the order of mandatory self-isolation; conditions for the entry of citizens vaccinated with other Russian-made vaccines, as well as those who have been ill and children,” the Russian embassy noted. in order to avoid undesirable situations fraught with forced self-isolation at one’s own expense or possible refusal of entry.

Entry rules

The rules on the website of the Ministry of Health indicate that for the entry of foreigners to the Jewish state, their "vaccination must comply with the rules established in Israel." Specifically, tourists “must have received two doses of the vaccine and by the day they enter Israel, at least 14 days must have elapsed from the date they received the second dose, but no more than 180 days on the day they left Israel,” or they “have been vaccinated with a booster dose.” vaccines, and by the day they entered Israel, 14 days or more had elapsed" from the date of the booster. Those who have been ill must have a "certificate of recovery electronically verifiable by the Israeli Ministry of Health based on a positive result of a molecular test, such as PCR", and will be admitted subject to certain conditions regarding timing and vaccination, the document states.

January 3 The press service of the Ministry of Health said that from January 9, 2022, vaccinated and recovered foreigners will be able to obtain permission to enter Israel "subject to pre-filling an online form, passing a PCR test or an antigen test before boarding an aircraft, and passing PCR test upon entry into Israel followed by isolation for 24 hours or until a negative PCR test is obtained.” The Ministry of Health added that "foreigners who have not been vaccinated and have not recovered from the disease in accordance with the definition of the Ministry of Health will not be allowed to enter Israel."

Restrictions on the entry of foreigners in Israel< br>
From March 2020 to November 2021, Israel was completely closed to foreigners. Entry into the country was only possible for returning Israelis. Since May, as part of a pilot program, organized foreign tourist groups fully vaccinated with US-approved drugs have been allowed into the country.

On November 1, Israel opened its borders to foreign tourists vaccinated with WHO-approved drugs, subject to certain conditions regarding the number of vaccines and boosters received. . On November 15, Israel officially recognized the Russian Sputnik V vaccine; the opening of the borders of the Jewish state for Russian tourists was scheduled for December 1. But since November 29, Israel has again closed its borders to foreign citizens due to the spread of the omicron strain of the coronavirus.

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