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Iraqis buy property in Turkey

19.02.2019 90 просмотров

In January alone, the sale of real estate to foreigners increased by 82% compared to the same period last year.

This figure has become a record. Foreign citizens bought more than 3,000 houses and apartments in Turkey last month.

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Istanbul is the leader in these indicators. Most often, Iraqis buy housing. In second place are immigrants from Iran. Followed by Russians, Afghans and Jordanians.

In addition to Istanbul, apartments and houses are in demand in Antalya, Ankara, Bursa, Yalova and Sakarya.

As for Istanbul, last year alone, foreigners purchased more than 14,000 properties there. One of the most sought after areas of this Turkish city is Fatih. It is here that most of the most popular historical sights of Istanbul, including Sultanahmet, are located.

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