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Iranian pharmaceuticals will help fill the shelves of Russian pharmacies

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Iran can cover a significant part of the needs of Russian pharmacies.

Iranian pharmacists can provide a significant part of the needs of Russian pharmacies in medicines. This was stated by Dmitry Omutnykh, chairman of the Association of Importers and Exporters in Healthcare of Russia, in an interview with TASS on Tuesday.

"Iran, of course, can close a lot of our positions — from the pharmacy chain, that is, goods for everyday use, to more complex areas," he said.

The Chairman of the association noted that "it is not easy to break into the Russian market," including due to the multitude of regulatory norms. "But Iranian pharmaceuticals can both fill the shelves of our pharmacies and take their place in inpatient treatment," the expert believes.

According to Dmitry Omutnykh, "Iran is a reliable and serious partner." "Of course, there are difficulties with calculations, logistics and establishing partnerships. Therefore, the country should be dealt with systematically," he explained.

The Chairman of the association stressed that "now Russia is extremely interested in modern medical equipment." "Iran produces very high-tech medical equipment, including systems for neurosurgery. The country is also one of the leaders in the field of robotic surgery," he said.

In addition, according to Dmitry Omutnykh, the Iranian side produces modern drugs for the treatment of rare and oncological diseases. "Tehran is not only a regional, but also a global player in the production of medical equipment and medicines. Of particular interest is his experience in difficult economic realities — the country has been under sanctions pressure for decades," says the chairman of the association. "Iran has been able to establish itself as a country capable of solving the most difficult tasks."

Russian prospects in Iran

Dmitry Omutnykh drew attention to the fact that "Iran covers its medical needs by 80-90% in many positions." "Russian manufacturers have a great desire to enter the Iranian market. However, Iranian manufacturers themselves are able to offer a lot," he stressed.

"It is naive to believe that we will be able to bring some simple medicines here," the chairman of the association believes. — To Iranian partners from Russia needs the high technologies that we have: for example, immunobiology and biotechnology. Russia has it, Iran has not yet." In addition, according to the interlocutor of TASS, "Russia can offer some developments of functional diagnostics, drugs for the treatment of blood, serious orthopedic and traumatological diseases."

The Association of Importers and Exporters in Healthcare was established in 2016 with the aim of promoting Russian manufacturers of medicines and medical equipment in foreign markets, as well as attracting technologies and medicines to Russia from third countries. The association includes more than 170 Russian and foreign organizations.

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