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Iranians want to rip off their masks, but the government won't let them

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In Iran, activists are urging the population not to relax and remain vigilant.

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< br> Coronavirus is still among us - it kills people, and no one knows if it will be infected or not.

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"This campaign - "I wear a mask" - was launched not only in Iran, but throughout world," said Mehrnush Arzani, a marketer by profession. "Celebrities and sports stars supported this initiative. I am a responsible citizen living in the capital. Therefore, I participate in this event with all my might." 

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"People are tired of coronavirus and continued adherence to the epidemiological rules," says Syideh Arabi. "That's why they stopped buying masks and other protective gear."

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"From July 5 to July 21, wearing a mask in crowded places is strictly mandatory," said  Hassan Rouhani, President of Iran. - And if necessary, I will extend this measure. People must comply with all epidemiological rules in order to overcome the coronavirus. We have no choice, as there is no cure or vaccine yet." 

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At the beginning of the pandemic, Iran experienced a significant increase in the number of cases, which is why the country almost came second in terms of infection dynamics place in the world.The SARS CoV-2 epidemic began to decline thanks to the decisive actions of the government, which insisted on following the rules.However, the cheerful and death-averse Iranians decided too early to abandon all means of protection.In May, the third - yet another - outbreak of a dangerous infection, which forced the president of the country to once again start an explanatory campaign among the carefree population about the benefits of wearing protective equipment.

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