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Iranian vaccine against coronavirus awaits the final stage of testing

22.04.2021 152 просмотров

Iran has begun the third phase of trials of its own coronavirus vaccine.

The final, third, phase of trials of its own vaccine against coronavirus COV Iran Barakat began on Wednesday in Iran. This was stated by the head of the scientific committee of the National Headquarters for the fight against coronavirus in Iran, Dr. Mostafa Ganei.

“The third stage of human trials of the Iranian vaccine against COV Iran Barakat coronavirus started on Wednesday,” IRNA quoted him as saying. — If the results are positive, the vaccine will be approved for use in a month. It will most likely be the first vaccine developed in Iran to reach consumers.”

“Other drugs are also being actively tested, and their production will begin in the next 3-4 months,” said Ganei.

Recently, Mohammad Mokhber, head of Imam Khomeini's command & nbsp; headquarters, announced the imminent start of production of COV Iran Barakat. According to him, the vaccination of Iranians with the use of a drug of his own design is scheduled for the end of May.

Earlier, the head of the Food and Drug Organization under the Iranian Ministry of Health, Kiyanush Jahanpour, said that the Iranian Pasteur Institute is developing another coronavirus vaccine together with Cuba. In addition, clinical trials of the Iranian Fakhra vaccine are underway, which should be ready for production before autumn.

The release of the Iranian vaccine against Cov Pars coronavirus is scheduled for August. So far, according to Mohammad-Hasan Fallah-Mehrabadi, deputy head of the Razi Institute for the creation and production of sera and vaccines, the first phase of clinical trials of this vaccine is underway.


The Razi Institute for the Creation and Production of Serums and Vaccines is one of two leading organizations engaged in the development and manufacture of medical preparations, along with the Iranian Pasteur Institute.

On February 9, Iran began free voluntary immunization of the population with the use of the Russian drug Sputnik V. At the first stage, it is planned to vaccinate the staff of intensive care units and intensive care units. The next step will be to vaccinate the rest of the healthcare workers and people over 65 years of age.

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