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Iranian malls turned into hospitals

05.04.2020 46 просмотров

The municipal authorities of Tehran, the capital of Iran, have decided to turn one of the premises of the country's largest shopping center, located in the western part of the city, into a makeshift hospital.

"In less than one week, we were able to set up an infectious diseases hospital on the site of the showroom," says shopping center owner Ali Ansari. "Other countries have already begun to adopt our successful experience."

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Everything necessary for the treatment of COVID-19 was brought to the shopping center - resuscitation equipment, medical supplies and hundreds of beds.

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Iran remains one of the most affected countries from the coronavirus in the world. 

At the beginning of April, the total number of people infected with a dangerous viral disease here has already exceeded about 55 thousand people. Over 4,000 Iranians with SARS are in critical condition. 

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Meanwhile, local doctors refuse to carry out, following the example of some industrialized countries, the so-called military triage in order to provide medical care, first of all, to younger and more viable patients. Iranian doctors pride themselves on the fact that even the very old and immunocompromised receive the same services as other patients.

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