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Iranian leader prepares to take first dose of Iranian COVID-19 vaccine

24.06.2021 40 просмотров

The spiritual leader of Iran has been vaccinated with an Iranian drug for several days.

The spiritual leader and leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei, will take the first dose of Iran's "Iran Barakyat" coronavirus vaccine within a few days. This was reported on Wednesday by the IRIB Broadcasting Corporation with a link to the Academy of Medical Sciences.

“[The Spiritual Leader] put forward two important conditions for vaccination: firstly, he must not be vaccinated out of turn, and secondly, he will use only an Iranian drug,” said Alireza Marandi, head of the Academy of Medical Sciences.

According to him, “therefore, when the vaccination of compatriots over 80 years old began, [the spiritual leader] refused to take a foreign vaccine and waited for the Iranian one to appear.”

Vaccination of the population of Iran with the help of its own preparation "Iran barakyat" began on June 12 in a test mode in the located in the east of the country, the city of Mashhad. On June 14, the drug received approval from the Ministry of Health for emergency use throughout the country. Iranian authorities plan to produce about 11 million doses of vaccine per month.

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