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Iran will start vaccination with its own drug in April

02.02.2021 39 просмотров

The use of its own vaccine in Iran will begin in April.

The widespread use of the vaccine developed by domestic specialists in Iran will begin in the country in April this year. Mohammad Mohber, head of the Headquarters for the Execution of Imam's Orders, the state organization that oversees the production of the Iranian coronavirus vaccine, said on Tuesday.

“The Iranian coronavirus vaccine will enter the market in April of this year. Thus, general vaccination will begin with the Iranian vaccine, ”the IRIB broadcasting corporation quotes him. According to Mokhber, "the Iranian vaccine has shown excellent results in counteracting the 'British' strain of coronavirus."

On January 20, Iranian Health Minister Saeed Namaki said The authorities of the Islamic Republic plan to start the first stage of vaccination of the country's population by February 10. At the first stage, foreign vaccines from Russia, China and India will be involved. At the same time, on January 8, the head and spiritual leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, announced a ban on the supply of coronavirus vaccines from the United States and Great Britain to the republic.

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