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Iran to start using its own COVID-19 vaccine in May

09.03.2021 43 просмотров

Vaccination against COVID-19 with its own drug will begin in Iran in May.

The implementation of the mass vaccination campaign against coronavirus in Iran with the help of Iran's own developed vaccine COV Barkat will begin in May. This was stated on Tuesday by the head of the Headquarters for the execution of orders of the Imam Khomeini Mohammad Mokhber. Under the supervision of this state organization, the production of the Iranian coronavirus vaccine is underway.

“Vaccination of the country's population will begin in May using the COV Iran Barkat vaccine,” Mohammad Mohberquotes the Tasnim agency. “Iran has a huge potential to mass-produce a vaccine, and in two and a half months there will be no problems with the supply of [its own] coronavirus vaccine.”

Iran has started clinical trials of three coronavirus vaccines of its own design, Tasneem notes. . Representatives of the country's leadership said that Tehran will receive 16 million doses of the vaccine under the COVAX program created with the participation of the World Health Organization, import 25 million doses from abroad and produce 25 million more doses.

February 9, free voluntary immunization of the population began in Iran against coronavirus using the Russian drug Sputnik V. At the first stage, it is planned to vaccinate resuscitation and intensive care workers. The next step will be to vaccinate the rest of the healthcare workers and people over 65.

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