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Iran steps up vaccination pace to rule out fourth wave of COVID-19

14.03.2021 40 просмотров

In Iran, the possibility of a fourth wave of coronavirus remains.

The likelihood of a fourth wave of the spread of coronavirus still remains in Iran. This was stated on Saturday by the President of the country Hasan Rouhani.

“The threat of the fourth wave has not been eliminated, its probability remains. Until today, we have been careful to avoid a new wave, but at any moment this threat can materialize,” he said. His speech was broadcast by Iranian state television.

The President added that “Iran will step up the vaccination rate this week and next.”

On December 17, 2020, Hassan Rouhani stated, that Iran has overcome the third wave of the spread of coronavirus in the country.

February 9, Iran began free voluntary vaccination of the population against coronavirus using the Russian drug Sputnik V. In addition, On February 28, a plane with the first batch of coronavirus vaccine arrived in the country Chinese company Sinopharm (Sinopharm), and on March 11, 150,000 doses of vaccine from the Indian company Bharat Biotech were delivered to Iran. The use of the Iranian-made vaccine is scheduled to begin in April.

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