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Iran sets up production of medical equipment on a voluntary basis

06.04.2020 126 просмотров

Residents of Iran are trying selflessly to fight the spread of the SARS virus.

In order to curb a dangerous infection, it is necessary to provide citizens with disposable protective masks, which, as you know, are in short supply around the world. Therefore, many Iranians decided to unite and start producing the necessary medical protective equipment.

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"It all started in mid-March," says Saedi, an Iranian volunteer representative. we don't get paid for it."

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The organization of volunteers "Rakhiyan e-Nur" (translated as "going towards the light") includes all people of good will in Iran who decided to make their small contribution to deal with the planetary pandemic.

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"We used to be in dire need of protective masks. But now, thanks to our volunteers, we literally make them every day,” says Soleimani, head of the Rakhiyan e-Nur volunteer organization.

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The Iranian government is forced to fight the economic sanctions imposed on the country. It is obvious that The coronavirus epidemic could worsen the already difficult situation of the national economy.For these reasons, for the time being, it was decided not to impose a curfew and a state of emergency throughout the country.Nevertheless, a ban on long-distance travel across the country has been in effect since April 8.

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> According to a press release from Iranian Health Ministry spokesman Kianoush Jahanpour, the number of infected pre more than 58 thousand people died, more than 3 thousand 600 died.

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