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Iran and Russia have signed an agreement in the field of civil aviation

27.07.2022 ТАСС 122 просмотров

Iran and Russia have agreed to increase the number of weekly flights to 35.

Iran and Russia signed a memorandum of understanding on Tuesday, according to which the parties agreed to increase the number of passenger flights to 35 per week. This was announced by the representative of the Civil Aviation Authority of the Islamic Republic, Muqbar Razavi.

"Head of the Civil Aviation Organization of IranMohammad Mohammadi-Bakhsh and the Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation during the meeting discussed ways to expand bilateral ties," the official said, quoted by the IRNA news agency. — A memorandum of understanding was signed at this meeting <...>. According to this memorandum, the number of passenger flights between the two countries is increasing to 35 per week."

According toMirakbarRazavi, in accordance with the document, the airlines of the two states are allowed to operate cargo flights without restrictions on the frequency of flights.

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