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Iran hits third wave of coronavirus

21.11.2020 117 просмотров

In Iran, the coronavirus is killing both the old and the young indiscriminately.

A businesswoman based in Tehran, Iran, Ayat Hosseini, wanted to have a baby with her husband, Soheil Gohari, next year, 2021. But their lives were rudely invaded by the coronavirus epidemic. And 12 months had not passed since the marriage, as a happy woman lost her husband - Soheil died one of the first when the epidemic hit the country. He died a week after the onset of his first symptoms.

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Ayat Hosseini, widow of coronavirus deceased:

"Like I said, we wanted to have a solemn marriage ceremony, but We didn’t have time because of the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic. And then we decided that one day we would solemnly celebrate our wedding together with our child. You know, children often ask: “Where was I when you and dad got married? » So, our child would not ask us about this - we would take him with us to the Wedding Palace. We decided that next year we would start a full-fledged family life.

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I am like a woman whose dream palace collapsed on her head. And she stands and is unable to do anything. So I felt that I was literally dying under the rubble of my unfulfilled desires.

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what is really happening around. Everything is very vague, but then real grief rolls in and you feel like it's choking you. And time drags on slowly, slowly, drop by drop... In the early days, everything around seems to be frozen, but then there comes a moment when memories return, and inside you, your grief seems to explode, blowing your soul to shreds.

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I spend the first part of each day exactly as I did when my husband was alive. In the morning there is no time to think about love - you can go headlong into work. But after dinner my grief returns to me, and my nights are especially unbearable".

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Gohari was the public relations director of Tehran's Esteghlal Football Club, aged 41. His widow, Ayat, is only 40. She is a successful businesswoman who founded an internet technology company


In November, the third wave of coronavirus came to Iran.The World Health Organization believes that this state is one of the most affected countries in Eurasia from the rampant planetary pandemic.     

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