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Iran counts on Russia to fight COVID-19

27.09.2020 41 просмотров

In Iran, children are increasingly infected with the coronavirus, but the mortality among them is tiny.

In Iran, there has been a sharp increase in the number of children infected with coronavirus. 

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Some doctors believe that the nation develops herd immunity in this way, since in the vast majority of cases the disease is asymptomatic and without consequences for the younger generation.

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Kimiya Golami, nurse:

"Unfortunately, due to the general deterioration of the epidemiological In the current environment, a greater number of children are now at risk of infection, as our tests for PTSD reflect, but they will definitely recover, and their recovery period is shorter than that of adults, and the total number of recovered is higher.

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Dr Gholamreza Berzeeyan, Manager of Ali Ashgar Children's Hospital:

"Yes, we had 2 or 3 cases where patients died, but each of them had comorbidities that affected the final outcome.In the event that the patient was initially healthy, thank God, not a single case of death was recorded.All infected recovered."

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Azadeh Zhorabchi, mother of twins:

"All mothers talk about a change in children's behavior since the beginning of the epidemic.And it takes a long time to bring a child out of a sad state.In addition, the epidemic has affected the material well-being of families, which makes adults nervous and, accordingly, affects children.In general, the combination of circumstances is quite severe, and the disease is also aggravates the situation. And it will take 2-3 years for everything to return to normal."

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Faez Rahmati, father of a little boy:

"We don't let our son play outside, because the more time he spends there, the more danger he puts himself in."

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Meanwhile, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif held talks with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and informed him, that Tehran is counting on a Russian vaccine to deal with COVID-19.

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