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The CMG Ultra-high definition Innovation Center has received an official name

16.02.2023 China Central Television (CCTV) 108 просмотров

On February 13, the Media Corporation of China (CMG) officially announced the name of its Ultra–high Definition (UHD) Innovation Center - CMG UHD Highland.

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The new project will include five functional modules: an ultra-high definition studio platform, a platform for research, development and application of UHD system equipment, a platform for testing and servicing UHD broadcast vehicles, an audiovisual culture square and an audiovisual art center.

CMG UHD Highland will be located in Beijing's Mentougou district.

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"The largest studio in China that we will build should become the largest in the world. Its area will be 4,500 square meters. A gala concert on the occasion of the Spring Festival and other large-scale variety shows will be filmed and broadcast live here," said Zhu Feng, head of the construction and management office of CMG UHD Highland.

Upon completion, CMG UHD Highland will be opened to the public as an audiovisual culture theme park.

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"The CMG UHD Highland project will become an important component of the development of Beijing as a reference city of the digital economy. In combination with the developing artificial intelligence industry, we will form a new image of an innovative, viable and open Mentougou district," said Yu Huafeng, the head of the Mentougou District.

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