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Ingush can be learned with a smartphone

19.09.2018 98 просмотров

The first working version of the application will appear in the Apple Store and Google Play stores approximately in December 2018.

According to the developer of the program, Ibragim Kostoev, the work is now about half completed. The application is designed both for learning the language from scratch and for improving its knowledge. The course will include 40 audio lessons lasting 10-15 minutes, as well as reading materials and a dictionary with transcription, TASS reports. The content of the course was developed by teachers of the national language and philologists from the Ingush State University. 
Cartoon "The Lion King"
translated into Ingush language

According to Ibragim Kostoev, he decided to create such an application after he learned that UNESCO classified this North Caucasian language as endangered. The developer clarified that his product is designed primarily for the Ingush, who live far from their homeland. After the release of the application they will have the opportunity to improve their knowledge of their native language. 

In addition, the application will allow those who do not know it at all to start learning the language. Ibragim Kostoev clarified that this option was included in the course because, as it turned out, there are many people who, not being Ingush, want to study it. 

According to UNESCO, endangered languages are now also include Abkhazian, Chechen, Ossetian, Circassian, Karachay-Balkarian and a number of other Caucasian languages. In total, the list contains more than two thousand languages that are on the verge of extinction.

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