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Infectionists in Singapore consider COVID-19 mutations

18.08.2020 101 просмотров

In Singapore, infectious disease doctors decided that the more mutations the coronavirus has, the better, paradoxically, for humanity.

“Yes, I think that, probably, as far as COVID-19 is concerned, mutations are somewhat of a good thing,” says Dr. Paul Tambia, chairman of the Infectious Diseases Society of Singapore. “I would definitely prefer to have a common cold, than a new strain of the deadly flu. With SARS, you will spend two or three days at home, sleep a little and forget that you were sick. Moreover, SARS spreads rapidly. You came, for example, to the office, and everyone sniffs there. Here you are But no one dies from SARS, but the flu is deadly." 

Paul Tombia compared the coronavirus to strains of the common cold. He believes that humanity is already adapting to a new infection. Thus, according to him, European statistics show a drop in mortality and, in parallel, a wide spread of COVID-19 throughout the EU.

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According to the doctor, the virus is not interested in the death of the infected, as the pathogens will lose their “food base”. Therefore, mutations testify to the mutual adaptation of the human body and the carrier of the infection.

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