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Indonesian residents urged to self-isolate by police and ghosts

15.04.2020 153 просмотров

The Indonesian authorities have decided to conduct an awareness campaign on the necessary compliance with all quarantine measures right on the roads.

Jakarta Traffic Patrol officers are now required to explain to people such basics as social distancing and the mandatory wearing of a mask in the crowd. It's not very convincing yet.

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"We are not punishing anyone yet. We are only warning people about the need to observe quarantine and handing out masks to motorcyclists if they do not have them," says police officer Suparman. "Actually, as long as businesses are open, people will go to work - they you have to earn your living!"

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For most drivers on the road, the virus remains something ghostly and conditional. But the prospect of being left without a piece of bread is absolutely real. 

“I can’t get to my work by public transport, so I use a motorcycle,” says motorcyclist Ernie Ernavati. “Due to quarantine, my employer only reduced working hours". 

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But on the island of Java, in the village of Kepuh, the authorities clearly took a non-standard path to force restless fellow villagers to stay at home: those who go out into the street are persecuted by ... "pochongs", rebels from coffin of the dead. Volunteers dress up as ghosts to scare violators of the self-isolation regime. True, many residents have already figured out the secret of imaginary zombies and began to deliberately leave their homes to photograph such a "spirit" as a memento of this year's quarantine.

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