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Indonesian priest donates pastoral center to COVID-19 patients

19.08.2021 65 просмотров

The recovery process is not only the right treatment, but also a comfortable environment, says Father Justinus Ardianto. A Catholic priest in Indonesia has turned a pastoral center in Jakarta into an isolation facility for caring for coronavirus patients. 

Today, another wave of the pandemic is raging in the country, and new wards for patients with COVID-19 are more than ever welcome.  

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“We accept patients with coronavirus as long as there are free rooms and if their condition is not critical,” said the clergyman. - I try to send patients in serious condition to the hospital with which we cooperate. Also I never ask about religion. If a person is sick, we will help, because this is not the place to clarify religious differences.

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Today there are 60 patients in the isolation ward of the church. They are served by about 90 nuns, priests and other workers of the pastoral center. All of them observe strict precautions, and employees in poor health do not have contact with the sick at all. The treatment is funded by the Jakarta diocese and through donations. For patients, everything is absolutely free. People are here until they fully recover, and if the condition suddenly worsens, they are transferred to the hospital.

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like this place, because it is very useful, - says Florentina Caturvati, teacher, patient of the isolation ward at the church. - Many people have problems with self-isolation, as there are often no free rooms at home to spend time there until recovery. 

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About 70 people have already made their way to recovery in this cozy building with a beautiful courtyard . Satisfied patients spread information about the isolation ward on the Internet, and the good deed of the pastor is already known all over the world. The priest says donations are coming from Catholic communities across Indonesia, Singapore, Papua New Guinea and San Francisco.

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