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Indonesia widely celebrates Independence Day

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Every year on August 17, mass events, parades and fireworks are held throughout the country.

Buildings are decorated with ribbons in the colors of the country's flag - red and white. The very raising of the banner is the main event of the day. The ceremony is held at the National Palace and is broadcast on local TV channels.  

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On this day, which is always a day off, various competitions are held on the streets of cities - for example, eating krupuk chips, decorating motorcycles and bicycles. The most popular traditionally becomes the game Panjat Pinang, the essence of which is that valuable prizes are placed on the very top of a high pillar smeared with clay and oil - those who reach the top receive them.

Indonesia declared its independence on 17 August 1945. At different times the country was under the protectorate of Portugal, Spain, Great Britain. The last colonizers were the Netherlands. 

By the way, the Netherlands recognized the independence of Indonesia only in 1949, after a long war of independence.  The Declaration of Sovereignty was being prepared for several months. The document turned out to be very concise - only 45 words and two signatures. 

Let's add that the Indonesians take the organization of the holiday seriously. Subbotniks are organized in advance in all cities, the facades of buildings are painted, and various events dedicated to this day are held in schools.  

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