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Indonesia may take part in the next Army Games

05.09.2021 216 просмотров

Indonesia may for the first time take part in the international games "Army" in 2022, said the Deputy Minister of Defense of the country, Major General Rodon Pedrason.

“This year we are present here as observers. But there is a very high probability that next year we will join the participation in the Army Games, - he said during the final race of the Tank Biathlon.

According to him, among the competitions, Indonesians are interested in tank competitions, shooting from small arms, in particular, snipers.

"I am sure that thanks to such events, our cooperation with Russia will only become stronger over the years," added Pedrason.

The International Army Games - 2021 are held from August 22 to September 4 on the territory of 11 states (Russia, Algeria, Armenia, Belarus, Vietnam, Iran, Qatar, Kazakhstan, China, Serbia, Uzbekistan). More than 5,000 servicemen in 277 teams from 42 countries take part in them.

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