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Indonesia is the first in Asia to register Avifavir

25.03.2021 137 просмотров

The Russian anti-coronavirus drug Avifavir has been registered in Indonesia.

The Russian anti-coronavirus drug Avifavir (developed by ChemRar and RDIF) received a registration certificate from the Indonesian Drug and Food Control Agency (NADFC). This is stated in the press service of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF). Indonesia became the first Asian country to register the drug.

“The registration of the drug was carried out under an accelerated procedure based on data from an expanded phase II-III clinical trial, which was conducted in accordance with GCP rules from April to September 2020 in 30 specialized centers throughout Russia with the participation of 460 patients,” the report says.

Pratapa Nirmala is the partner in the registration and sale of Avifavir in Indonesia.

About the drug< /b>

Avifavir is the first drug in Russia approved for use against coronavirus, and the first registered drug in the world with the active ingredient favipiravir as an indication for the treatment of coronavirus. It is supplied to all regions of the Russian Federation and to 15 countries of the world.

According to the results of studies, Avifavir has demonstrated high efficiency in the complex treatment of patients hospitalized with a new coronavirus infection. Thus, the average recovery time in patients was 4 days instead of 9 with standard therapy, and the effectiveness of the drug was above 80%.

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