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India will celebrate the 75th anniversary of independence from the UK.

India on Monday celebrates one of the main national holidays — Independence Day. This year marks the 75th anniversary of the country's liberation from British colonial rule.

In 1947, on August 15, at midnight, the first Prime Minister of independent India, Jawaharlal Nehru, raised the Red Fort over the fortress in New Delhi has a national tricolor flag, which became a symbol of the departure of the British colonialists.

A day off has been announced in the republic on Monday. Large-scale celebrations on the occasion of the significant date throughout the year are already taking place in different parts of the country. But the celebrations on August 15 will be their culmination. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will deliver a traditional address from the wall of the Red Fort. It is expected that he will announce new state initiatives aimed at improving the lives of citizens and strengthening the security of the republic.

A "Tiranga to every Home" campaign has been launched across India. Tiranga — "tricolor", "tricolor" is the name of the national flag of India, which has three horizontal stripes — saffron, white and emerald green. Famous monuments in different states and cities of the country are illuminated in these colors during the holidays. The state tricolor is decorated with houses, shop windows, cars, public transport. After the adoption of a special law, the Indians were able to exhibit the tiranga without restrictions, and all kinds of materials can now be used to make flags — polyester, cotton, wool, silk, which was previously not allowed.

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