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Indians lined up for fortune-tellers and healers

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In India, there is an increased demand for the services of fortune tellers and healers.

In India, sociologists have noted a surge of interest in the services of fortune-tellers, healers and soothsayers. Salons of profile establishments are full of customers, ready to sit patiently in queues for hours hoping to get an answer to the difficult questions of modern life.

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"People are scared about their future," said Sanjay Sharma, a healer and a soothsayer. "They can't understand what awaits them. How can they survive? Will they have a job or not? Restaurateurs and hoteliers come to me, whose enterprises have closed. They ask me what they should do to revive their business ... "

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"We draw strength and energy from conversations with "Guruji", as we call ourSanjay Sharma, - admits Sima Oberoi, a client of the salon < b>Sanjay Sharma.- Of course, everything is hand of God, but when you come here, talk, open your heart to him, and somehow it becomes easier to live ... "

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"It happens that a person is very nervous and does not know where to go with his problem , - explains another visitor to the salon Anju Devi. - Then people come here and listen to advice. Maybe even their innermost desire comes true after a visit to "Guruji". And then they experience joy. It helps to live - especially for those who are depressed and take drugs."

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"Earlier, before the epidemic, people used to ask simple questions. For example, something like this: “I don’t get along with my husband (or wife) ... What should I do? People were also worried about health problems, and some asked to predict their future 2-3 years in advance ... Now the problems are of a completely different kind: people care about only one thing - survival, "said Kripajoti Nisha Sigla, space healer and hypnotherapist.

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Government analysts suggest considering such a stormy interest in very specific services as a manifestation of public autotherapy. In other words, people are trying to relieve stress and somehow get away from the difficult realities of existence in a pandemic.

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