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Indian wedding season kicks off in Turkey

12.02.2019 141 просмотров

The celebrations started in Antalya, where the most expensive wedding in the last 5 years took place

650 guests were invited to the wedding, served by 700 people, of which 100 chefs, 450 technicians and animators and 250 hotel staff.

In India is multimillion
religious festival Kumbh mela
"I can't disclose the budget under the confidentiality agreement , but I can say with confidence that this wedding is the most expensive in the history of Indian weddings in Turkey,” says Buniat Ozpa, director of the tourism project Inventum Global.

It is noted that most of the weddings of Indian billionaires and the richest families take place border. Recently, Indians have been attracted to Turkey.

Since 2012, about 10 weddings of Indian citizens have been held annually in the republic with a budget of 200 thousand dollars.

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