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Indian-US Joint Exercises Launched in the Indian Ocean

28.03.2021 54 просмотров

India and the United States conduct joint maneuvers in the Indian Ocean.

Ships and aircraft from the Indian and US navies began joint two-day maneuvers in the Indian Ocean on Sunday. The press service of the Indian Navy announced this on its Twitter page.

“In order to strengthen coordination and compatibility during (maneuvers) Malabar 2020, the Indian Navy frigate Shivalik and long-range maritime reconnaissance aircraft P-8I (Pi-8Ai) took part in the passage of the US Navy aircraft carrier strike group led by the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt (“Theodore Roosevelt”) in the eastern Indian Ocean,” the message says.

At the first stage Indian fighter jets also participated in the exercises, which worked out air interception and defense with the US Navy. The maneuvers will continue on Monday.

The exercise comes a week after Pentagon chiefLloyd Austin visited India as part of his first foreign tour.

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