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Indian police issued slingshots

16.02.2019 111 просмотров

Such an unusual weapon was received by employees who patrol the area near the Taj Mahal complex.

It is planned to use special equipment against monkeys who have chosen this area and persistently pester tourists, begging for something tasty. About 500-700 animals live near the Taj Mahal, according to the Agra Police Department. This is approximately 5-7% of the total number of monkeys settled in the city, clarifies ATOR. Unfortunately, Animals sometimes show aggression towards humans. There are at least two attacks on tourists every month. 
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At the same time, the police department notes that often the reason for such unceremonious habits of animals is the behavior of the travelers themselves. Guests of the city first flirt with the monkeys, feed them. When the food runs out, the "beggars" are driven away, which the latter do not always like. 

The administration of Agra noticed that environmentalists can be calm. Indian laws prohibit harming wild animals. Policemen have the right to use slingshots only to scare off annoying monkeys.

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