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Indian authorities turn old trains into quarantine centers

03.05.2021 123 просмотров

India is fighting the coronavirus epidemic with all the means available to it.

In the west of India, in the state of Maharashtra, in the city of Nagpur, local authorities, together with the railway department, equipped a new infection center with 176 beds for patients with COVID-19 from old rolling stock.

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Krishnath Patil, Responsible Manager of Nagpur Railways:

"We turned 11 wagons into infectious hospital for patients with coronavirus. A separate car was equipped for medical staff. That is, in total, this train consists of 12 units. 

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Each car has 2 oxygen bottles and 9 air conditioners We also provided water sprinklers on the ceiling in order to have an additional opportunity to lower the temperature if necessary Each car is designed to receive 16 patients We also equipped a sanitary unit and a bunker for collection but garbage."

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The main purpose of the makeshift infection center is to serve as a quarantine point for those infected with the coronavirus. At the beginning of May, about 20 million cases were detected in India. During the epidemic, about 220 thousand people died from a dangerous disease.

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