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Indian activists have invented an anti-covid moped

05.08.2021 114 просмотров

India's massive vaccination campaign has brought together local authorities, activists and ordinary people.

Mumbai held a vaccination campaign called Door to Door. Medical workers and volunteers have made vaccinations at home for all those who cannot go to the first-aid post on their own. Vaccination was carried out with the Indian preparation "Covishield".

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“My mother is 79 years old,” said Nelam Bhateja, a Mumbai resident. - She is at risk, so I am very glad that she was vaccinated. All the staff are great, everything was well organized and without any fuss."

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And in Chennai, activist Arumugam is trying to educate residents about the benefits of the vaccine and the means of protection against COVID-19. On a moped with a picture of the coronavirus and mock-ups of vaccine packages, he rides through the streets of the city and asks people to wear masks. 

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- They are afraid that vaccination can lead to death. I am vaccinated and have no health problems. Therefore, to let people know about the benefits of vaccination, I modified my moped.

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The Government of India plans to vaccinate the entire adult population - 944 million people - by December. Today, more than 480 million people have received at least one dose of the drug, more than 100 million Indian citizens have been fully vaccinated.

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