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India sprays streets with fire trucks

06.04.2020 39 просмотров

In the city of Ahmedabad, located in the west of India, the Ministry of Emergency Situations and Fire Fighting began processing city streets with special equipment.

The start of the operation coincided with the entry into force of the 21-day quarantine announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in order to cope with the coronavirus epidemic.

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active ingredient," says Dastur, head of the Ahmedabad City Fire Department. "This volume of solution is sprayed for about an hour and a half. One machine covers a strip approximately 9 meters wide."

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Complete sanitation of the entire territory of Ahmedabad touched even the burial places. According to the order of the municipal authorities, new graves in the city are subject to disinfection against COVID-19, among other things. Currently, road traffic between Indian cities has been virtually stopped, with the exception of the movement of special equipment of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and ambulances.

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The total number of people infected with the SARS virus has already exceeded 3,600 patients; 109 people died from coronavirus.

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