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India's own vaccine is almost ready

16.08.2020 104 просмотров

India is developing its own coronavirus vaccine.

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi delivered a special address to the nation, confirming that clinical trials of coronavirus vaccine prototypes developed independently by Indian specialists are currently underway.

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"We are currently testing more than one, and immediately 3 vaccines, - said Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India. - As soon as our scientists confirm the effectiveness of the drugs, we will immediately ensure their large-scale release. We have also thought through all the necessary logistics in order to make the coronavirus vaccine available for every Indian."< br>
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Narendra Modi also said that the country has begun reform of the entire healthcare systems with the creation of an individual electronic medical record for each citizen. The nationwide medical data bank will store information on all vaccinations and examination results for each person, as well as the results of medical examinations and medical history.

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