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India records smallest increase in COVID-19 cases in 2 months

06.06.2021 28 просмотров

India sees lowest daily rise in COVID-19 cases in 2 months.

The daily number of new infections was the lowest since April 5, when the Ministry of Health reported 103,558 new cases. India has shown a steady decline in this figure since May 17, when the Ministry of Health reported 281,386 new cases of coronavirus infection. On that day, less than 300 thousand infections per day were confirmed for the first time since April 21 (295,041 cases of infection). The anti-record for this indicator was recorded on May 7 and amounted to 414,188.

At the same time, the daily increase in cases of infection still exceeds the figures for the first wave of coronavirus infection. In September last year, an average of more than 90 thousand infected people were recorded, but this level in 2020 did not exceed one hundred thousand. This year, more than 100 thousand cases of infection per day have been recorded since April 5.

The number of recovered patients in India has increased by 189,232 over the past 24 hours and amounted to 26,984,781. There are 1,147,799 patients under treatment in the country with coronavirus, which is 77,499 more than a day earlier, the Ministry of Health indicates.

India ranks second in the world (after the United States) in the total number of cases of coronavirus infection and third in the number of deaths (after the United States and Brazil) ). According to the Ministry of Health, over the past day, 3,353,539 people were vaccinated against coronavirus, the total number of vaccinations in the country reached 231,322,417.

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