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India records lowest rise in COVID-19 cases in 70 days

13.06.2021 33 просмотров

For five consecutive days, the country has reported fewer than 100,000 new infections.

Doctors in India registered 84,332 new cases of coronavirus infection over the past day, the total number of people infected during the epidemic in the country reached 29,359,155. As reported on the official website of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on Saturday, the number of deaths increased by 4,002 in 24 hours and reached 367,081.

The daily increase in the number of infected was the lowest in 70 days - since April 2, when 81,466 new cases of coronavirus infection were announced. For five consecutive days, India has reported fewer than 100,000 new infections. From April 5 to June 8, the daily number of new cases of infection exceeded 100 thousand, in May this figure exceeded 400 thousand five times, the anti-record was recorded on May 7 and amounted to 414,188.

According to the Ministry of Health of the country, over the past In 24 hours, 121,311 patients recovered from COVID-19, the total number of cured patients was 27,911,384. As of Saturday morning, 1,080,690 patients are being treated, which is 40,981 less than the day before.

Indian Medical Association (IMA) ) on Saturday said that 719 doctors and healthcare workers have died in India due to the coronavirus in the second wave of cases that began in March.

Delhi National Capital Territory, which includes New Delhi (109 deaths), followed by the states of Uttar Pradesh (79), West Bengal (63) and Rajasthan (43).

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