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India receives humanitarian aid from Russia

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Russia gave India oxygen, and not only.

The Russian cargo aviation company Volga-Dnepr, which is a leader in the world cargo market, delivered a large batch of compressed oxygen to the city of Kolkata (eastern India) on May 2.

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This humanitarian aid is urgently needed by Indian hospitals overflowing with coronavirus patients. India has set a sad record for the number of infections detected daily - at least 300 thousand people. Hospitals and morgues are overcrowded, which has led to the need for cremation of the remains right on the street.

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The first days of May were especially dramatic in Calcutta and Mumbai. Here, doctors often recommend that relatives of a person who is ill with COVID-19 take care of themselves in search of oxygen cylinders. Meanwhile, it became known that Moscow decided to provide New Delhi with emergency humanitarian aid to help contain the expanding coronavirus epidemic. In the last days of April, two Russian Emergencies Ministry Il-76 aircraft arrived in India with 22 tons of cargo, which included oxygen and ventilators, as well as the necessary medicines to fight a dangerous infection.

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