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India ready to accept Russian remdesivir

30.04.2021 78 просмотров

The Indians lack their own capacity.

The Russian pharmaceutical company Pharmasyntez is awaiting final approval from the Russian government to send Remdesivir as a humanitarian aid to India to help New Delhi cope with the coronavirus outbreak.

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India a large batch of the drug "Remdesivir", - said Dmitry Fedorov, Vice President for Legal Affairs of JSC JSC. - At the end of May, about a million doses will be ready for shipment. However, to organize the delivery, we need to provide all permissions and licenses required".

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< br> Moscow is ready to supply up to 300-400 thousand doses of the drug per week. Delivery must be by sea. India produces its own remdesivir in 7 factories, but there is clearly not enough of it. Customs duties on the import of this medicine have been canceled by the authorities.

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