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India proposes a global pandemic treaty

24.05.2022 131 просмотров

Indian vaccine manufacturer proposes international pandemic treaty.

The Indian vaccine manufacturer Serum Institute of India (SII) intends to invite the world community to conclude an international pandemic treaty in order to better prepare for a possible next pandemic. SII Executive Director Adar Punawalla told reporters on Monday on the sidelines of the World Economic Conference in Davos.

“I hope to use this platform here so that everyone and world leaders and international organizations make up a kind of world pact about the pandemic, which will help everyone to unite, ”& nbsp; — quotes him as the TV channel ND-T-V.

Adar Punawalla added that perhaps such an agreement would not be binding, but  ;will help to lay some groundwork for "how do you see it with respect to climate change".

According to him, four important provisions should be included in the proposed agreement: free distribution of raw materials and vaccines, the sharing of intellectual property on a commercial basis, a global agreement about regulatory standards and universal vaccination certificates for world travel.


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