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India plans to produce over 5 billion doses of vaccines in 2022

31.10.2021 130 просмотров

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recalled that his country has a powerful pharmaceutical industry and has supplied drugs to fight coronavirus in more than 150 countries.

India intends to produce more than 5 billion doses of coronavirus drugs for the countries of the world next year and urges the World Health Organization (WHO) to recognize Indian-made vaccines as soon as possible. This was stated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, speaking on Saturday at the session of the G20 summit in Rome.

“India has always taken its global commitments seriously. From the podium of the G20, I want to tell you all today that India is preparing to release more than 5 billion doses of vaccine to the world next year. This commitment by India will go a long way in preventing global contagion from the coronavirus. Therefore, it is necessary that Indian vaccines be recognized by WHO as soon as possible, ”the Foreign Ministry of the Republic quotesNarendra Modi on its website on Sunday.

The prime minister recalled that his country, which has a powerful the pharmaceutical industry, supplied drugs to fight coronavirus in more than 150 countries. “In a short period of time, we have introduced more than a billion doses of vaccines in India. By controlling the infection among a sixth of the world's population, India also contributed to improving global security and reduced the chances of further mutation of the virus,” said Narendra Modi.

The prime minister also raised the issue of simplification international transport and on the mechanism of mutual recognition of vaccination certificates. “Increased international travel is essential for economic recovery. To do this, we must ensure mutual recognition of vaccination certificates,” he stressed.

Narendra Modi expressed his satisfaction with the decision of the G20 to support the introduction of a minimum tax on the largest corporations of 15%, “to make global a more equitable financial architecture.”

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