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India launches new ballistic missile

05.06.2018 207 просмотров

India has successfully tested a new Agni-5 ballistic missile.

The previous launch took place on January 18 of this year. 

The Agni-5 solid-propellant surface-to-surface missile belongs to the nuclear class, as it is capable of carrying a warhead with a multiple reentry vehicle weighing up to 1 ton. A 17-meter rocket weighs about 50 tons. The tests took place at the test site located on the island of Abdul-Kalam, along the coast of the Indian state of Odisha. 

Information about the successful launch was published in the local newspaper Odisha Sun Times. According to open data, the range of the rocket is from 5 to 8 thousand kilometers. For the first time "Agni-5" was tested in April 2012. Its name is associated with national mythology: in Hinduism, Agni is the name of the god of fire. The missile can be launched from a mobile ground launch facility.

According to official sources, the total power of the Indian arsenal is approximately 120 warheads.

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