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India introduces multiple entry e-visas

18.02.2019 151 просмотров

The authorities of the South Asian state have liberalized the procedure for crossing the border for citizens of more than 160 states.

The innovation concerns tourist visas, which will become multiple entries for visiting the country during the year. The maximum period of continuous stay in India is 90 days. In addition to tourist visas, it is also planned to issue business electronic visas, according to which entrepreneurs can stay in the country for up to six months (180 days), according to TASS. Previously, electronic entry documents granted the right to stay in India for 60 days and were not subject to renewal. 
Citizens 22 countries will be able
to enter Uzbekistan without visas

In total, five categories of electronic visas are introduced for citizens of 166 states, including Russia: tourist, business, for participation in conferences and congresses, medical and for persons accompanying patients. 

In addition, the list of air harbors that accept electronic check entry documents. It is now possible to get to India through them through Andaman Islands (Port Blair airport) and Bhubaneswar (Odisha state).

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