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India has helped Nepal in its fight against coronavirus

27.01.2021 55 просмотров

Nepalese doctors are now protected from COVID-19.

Nepal has received the first shipment of AstraZeneca's western vaccine as aid from India. As in other countries, mass vaccination of the population began with the profession most at risk of contracting coronavirus - medical workers. The total vaccine supply to Nepal is one million individual doses.


Dinesh Kafle, MD, Tribhuvan University Hospital, Bagmati Pradesh:

"Now we have a new weapon, the vaccine. And I hope that now we We will be able to quickly cope with the coronavirus.”


Another country that is ready to deliver its drug to Nepal is China. The Sinopharm vaccine is now undergoing certification in this highland state. Meanwhile, India intends to provide free of charge vaccine against SARS CoV-2 to its other neighbors.


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