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India donates humanitarian aid to Sri Lanka

23.05.2022 56 просмотров

India donated over $6 million in humanitarian aid to Sri Lanka.

India donated more than $6 million in humanitarian aid to Sri Lanka, which is experiencing an acute financial and economic crisis. This is stated in the message of the Indian diplomatic mission in Colombo, published on Monday on Twitter.

“From the people of India to the people of Sri Lanka. The Indian Ambassador handed over today (May 23 - TASS note) in Colombo to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of [Sri Lanka] Gamini Lakshman Peiris rice, milk powder and medicines worth more than 2 billion Sri Lankan rupees (more than 6 million dollars

The cargo consists of 9,000 tons of rice, 50 tons of powdered milk and 25 tons of medicines.

The island state is experiencing a severe economic crisis since moment of independence in 1948, which led to socio-political tensions. Protests against the deteriorating living conditions of the population began in April. The crisis is caused by a reduction in foreign tourism due to the pandemic, which has led to a shortage of foreign exchange reserves. The authorities were forced to introduce austerity in resources and reduce imports. External borrowing and the fight against the economic crisis is hampered by the debt of Sri Lanka, which has reached $51 billion.

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