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India breaks records in the number of cases and vaccinated

20.04.2021 34 просмотров

People are ready to stand in line for hours for a life-saving injection.

In India, on April 20, another sad record was broken for the number of patients who died from COVID-19. Long lines of Indians lined up in front of hospitals and hospitals, wishing to receive the coveted vaccine against a terrible infection and, with it, hope for a future free from the epidemic.

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Dr. Mishra, Nephrologist, Kar Clinic and Hospital:

"Now Patients often hypoxia develops. This means that blood oxygen saturation does not occur. Therefore, such patients require a lot of oxygen. We have not observed a syndrome of this intensity before. Secondly, often the government questions the need for such massive oxygen consumption in hospitals. The general number of cases".

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Govind Prasat, vaccinated against coronavirus:

"All people should have been vaccinated. Now, for sure, because the government passed a law on voluntary vaccination for all people over 18 "When you get vaccinated, you feel a surge of confidence. I've already had the second injection, and I felt that I was protected from the disease."

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Deepak Gubta, , chairman of the Jammu Merchants Federation:

"We decided that our stores will only be open from 9 am to 6 pm We are fighting the coronavirus and have now sent all our employees for testing so we want to make sure that all our employees and workers are healthy. All the essentials are there."

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On April 20, the Ministry of Health of the country reported almost 260 thousand new cases of coronavirus infection in one day. In total, more than 15 million people were infected in the country, which corresponds to the second place in the world after the USA. 

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