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In Yekaterinburg, nuns have started making healing incense against coronavirus

28.03.2020 47 просмотров

The virus must retreat before Faith and incense.  

Faith saves from the epidemic. The monks of the Russian Orthodox Church are fighting the coronavirus epidemic that has engulfed the planet, not only with prayer, but also  incense, which the nuns in Yekaterinburg decided to endow with antiseptic properties through the use of specially selected essential oils. 

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"We have now mainly switched to the use of essential oils, which have special antiviral properties. These are the essential oils of lemon, geranium, lavender and basil. 4 oils that promote healing and protect the body from bacteria," says Sister Evstafiya, from the Alexander Nevsky Novo-Tikhvin Convent.

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Sevastyan's sister also thinks: "People who suffer lung diseases - asthma, bronchitis - for them, to some extent, such oils make breathing easier."

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Curious that incense is not only censed during divine services in the monastery, but also sold for the needs of the flock in the temple church shop. The nuns nevertheless explained that the main thing, of course, is not the healing power of incense, but the Word of God, for God gives healing through prayer and to whom He deems it necessary.

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everything will be fine - nothing will affect you, - parishioner Natalia is sure. - The most important thing is that here, in the heart, there must be faith! And that's it! We must have our own protection! The Lord protects us! your faith will be given to you: whoever believes will help him, whoever believes will not help him, whoever does not believe will not help him… Whoever wants to be healthy will be healthy"…

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"According to your faith it was given to you secondly, to feel incense throughout the temple - I don’t know how it works thaws: everyone has their own mind ... But the fact that some measures are being taken is great! - say the parishioners. 

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