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In Wuhan, society is slowly recovering from the end of the epidemic

18.12.2020 92 просмотров

China has emerged from the black streak of coronavirus, but the final understanding of what happened is only now coming.

Duan Ling and her surgeon husband Fang Yushun live in Wuhan, China, where the planetary coronavirus epidemic began. Phan contracted the coronavirus in February from one of his patients. Now that everything is behind them, the couple say that the coronavirus has changed their lives forever.


Duan Ling, recovered:

"My husband simply had to be in constant contact with patients on duty. In those days, there were many undiagnosed infections in Wuhan "Therefore, no one knows how and at what moment he fell ill. But then the symptoms became quite obvious - such as fever. We also took an x-ray of the lungs and saw that there were solid black shadows, like lace.


On the day he got sick, I just looked at the statistics of new cases. It was about eight in the morning. I remember that 2388 people were infected in a day. And when I found out that that her husband is sick, I posted a post on the social network. Now for me this is not an abstract fact, not cold figures, since one of the sick people is the head of our small family.


From the windows of my house, I could see one of the main streets of the city, which is usually crowded. But in those days it was completely empty. I have never seen such a thing in my life. More than anything, it was like a disaster movie. I will not forget this to the grave - I am sure that in 10 years the memories will be as vivid as they are now."

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Young people bought a new apartment, which they were provided with a 15% discount, as Dr. Fang Yushun was one of those doctors who selflessly stood in the way of COVID-19. Developers provide such people with a discount. Now the couple visits less, spends much more time together Dr. Fang also started calling his mother more often.It was only after facing a terrible infection that Fang and Duan realized how fragile and fleeting a thing life is.

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