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In Wuhan, life finally returned to normal

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In China, in the city of Wuhan, the former center of the global coronavirus pandemic, the usual way of life has returned to its legal rights.

On hot days, numerous vacationers rush to the Yangtze River flowing through the city limits to plunge into its yellowish waters, not forgetting about an inflatable buoy tied to an arm or leg. This way, boats and larger boats can easily spot a swimmer from afar.

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"I am very happy that life in the best city for us on earth, Wuhan, has returned to its normal course. I love it so much that I can swim in the river and meet up with a lot of my old friends and make new acquaintances.All in all, I'm happy!" exclaimed local resident Chen Jiangshen.

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The opening of restaurants has become clear evidence of a decrease in the epidemiological danger. Nevertheless, compliance with the rules of social distancing and the wearing of protective equipment remain strictly mandatory.

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"I really missed my favorite foods when I was in quarantine," said Sugar Lo, a patron of the restaurant. - This is not the first time I've been coming here, but now I want to post a photo on my page so that everyone can see how happy I am because I can eat haidilao noodles again. 

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existence, but still people implicitly fear the second wave of the epidemic, which is so much talked about in the press. So far, these terrible hypotheses have not been confirmed, but the authorities are urging the population to remain vigilant.

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